Carp Fishing

Our main three acre lake is fully stocked with carp, both mirror and common. Golden rudd and tench are also in residence, plus some very big eels. We class ourselves as a pleasure fishing venue with the largest carp caught this year being 20lb  and the largest recorded caught fish 24lbs – there are plenty of smaller fish too. The main lake is a shared lake along with the ponds, we do not allocate swims and ask for equipment to removed from swims when not in use. There are no day tickets at Lake Farm, fishing is for guests only.

Wagglerfished floating baits work very well in the warmer months, but for equally good results we recommend using any of the following: bread, sweetcorn, worm, dog biscuits and luncheon meat.

Barbless hooks only, landing mats or cradles and nets must be used, guests are required to dip their nets and landing mats in the provided disinfecting bins before commencing their first fish on our water.  No keepnets, no night fishing – dawn to dusk only. Max of 2 rods per person. Current Rod Licence must be held.  Please do not be offended by rod licence and hook checks,  anyone using barbed hooks or not holding a current licence will be required to stop fishing. For the safety of all children under 16 years, they must be accompanied around the water/whilst fishing at all times by an adult.